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Safety Program
Keys to Success



Weekly TailGate Meetings will be held to review safe work permits execution of work, contingency plans and job hazards.

Each morning, prior to construction start, each foreman will hold a meeting with his crew.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the scope of the work and the safety requirements are clearly understood.

The meeting is used as a communication tool to encourage open discussion on safety matters and the project involved.  Chairing of this meeting is rotated among the crew members.  This serves to promote participation and involvement.  Crewmembers are encouraged to identify and report safety hazards.  Establishing and maintaining a good support system among the work crews will develop proper attitudes.

Minutes of the meetings will be prepared and circulated each week by a crewmember.  These will eb reviewed by the GMC Safety Supervisor to ensure that effective meetings are being conducted.  Assistance and guidance will be provided as needed.

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